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How Many Calories in Grapes

Do you love grapes? Most people do but many of them are worried about the question, “How many calories are in grapes?” Grapes contain much sugar, and it seems that they have many calories1. You may be surprised by the answer:

The exact number depends mostly on the size of grapes, which can weigh 2-5 grams. The color of grapes (red, white, blue, purple, etc) almost does not matter. They all contain approximately the same calorie count. It makes grapes a great snack for those who are on a diet.

How to Count Calories in Grapes

Now you know how many calories are in one grape, but it is not enough. You should get a more convenient way to count calories in grapes that you usually eat at a sitting. First of all, remember that one cluster has approximately seventy grapes. Here are some figures that will help you out with this task.

Number of Calories
One seedless grape
One seeded grape
One US ounce of grapes
100 grams of grapes
One US cup of grapes

Thus, if you buy and eat half a kilogram of grapes, you get about 375 calories.

If you prefer canned grapes, make sure that they are packed in water. These grapes have the same quantity of calories as fresh ones. But canned grapes packed in syrup contain much more calories due to sugar or other sweeteners, which are added there.

Raisins are also higher in calories than fresh grapes. In fact, they have up to 75 percent of sugar. One US cup of raisins (about 240 grams) contains approximately 435 calories

Food Value of Grapes

The main source of calories in grapes is carbohydrate, because they are high in sugar. At the same time, they are low in protein and fat. Grapes contain also vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, and calcium. They support your immune system due to contained manganese. In addition, grapes have flavonoids, which reduce the risk of many diseases. Grapes are a source of ellagic acid protecting your lungs against toxins. If you eat too much grapes, they can be laxative.

Scientists say the red varieties of grapes have more healthful compounds than green ones. The table below gives you nutritional information for grapes.

In 100 Grams of Grapes
18 grams
0.71 grams
0.16 grams
0.9 grams
191 milligrams
7 milligrams
10 milligrams
Vitamin C
11 milligrams

How to Select and Store Grapes

When you select grapes, look for those that are plump and firm. In indicates that they are fresh and juicy. There should not be any darken spots on grapes, and they should not easily fall off the cluster. Store the grapes in the refrigerator because they can spoil quickly in a warm room. The best container for them is a paper towel or a loose bag. Wash the grapes gently, put in a bag and store in your fridge for up to four days.

Some Facts about Grapes

Below you will find some interesting facts about grapes:

Grapes are tasty and refreshing. They have a low calorie count. They play an important role in preventing many diseases. So, eat grapes, enjoy them and stay always healthy.
  1. The calorie is a widely-spread unit of heat energy, which is commonly used for measuring the food energy value. It was defined in 1824 by scientist Nicolas Clement.
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