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How Many Teaspoons in a Cup

When we are discussing how many teaspoons1 there are in one cup2, we should realize that we do not mean items of cutlery and containers for drinking from. Teaspoons and cups are non-metric units of volume, which are mostly used in the United States and other countries with the English measurement system. These units are typical for pharmaceutical prescriptions and cooking recipes.

In the countries, where the metric system has been introduced, teaspoons and cups are rarely used to measure volume. Liters and milliliters are much more convenient for this purpose. But if you live in a European country, do not think that you will never come across cups, tablespoons or teaspoons. You can find them in some cookbooks, especially if they are written by foreign writers.

Before we start talking about how many teaspoons there are in a cup, we will mention that many people can confuse the teaspoon with the tablespoon. For the most part, it happens because of the similar abbreviations of these units (T., Ts., Tbls., Tb. for the tablespoon, and t., ts., tsp., tspn.). As you see, even if the letters are the same, the abbreviation of the tablespoon is always written with the capital letter “T”.

How Many US Teaspoons in a US Cup

As it is stated above, teaspoons, tablespoons and cups are mostly used in the USA, so we will talk about US units of volume to give the right answer to the question, “How many teaspoons are there in a cup?” And this answer is simple:

When you are going to calculate the number of teaspoons in some cups, just multiply the cups by 48. For converting teaspoons to cups, divide their number by 48.

The following table will give you a tip about how to convert US teaspoons, US tablespoons and US cups.

US Fluid Ounces
One US teaspoon
One US tablespoon
One US cup

  1. The teaspoon (abbr. tspn, tsp, ts, t) is a non-metric unit which is used to measure volume. It is mostly used in the USA and is common for cookbooks and pharmaceutical prescriptions. One teaspoon equals to approximately 5 milliliters.
  2. The cup is a widely-spread unit of volume measurement which is used mostly in cooking recipes for measuring liquids and dry substances (sugar, flour, etc). There are different definitions of this unit (US, imperial, metric, etc). The US cup is equal to approximately 240 metric milliliters.
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