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How to Write a Book

Writing an interesting book will never be an easy work. Many people think that this is a pleasant and even funny process, but in fact it always requires a great deal of personal commitment and time.

But you can make it easier if you think out a considered plan first. Actually, a good plan is able to turn process of writing a book into a really enjoyable task.

Most beginning writers do not understand where to begin. Very often they are just overwhelmed. If you feel the same, read our simple instruction which explains how to write a book step by step.

Summarizing Ideas

This step is the shortest one in writing a book, but we are sure that it is the most important one too. Every good book is based on some idea. Of course, you should have it too.

Write down a couple of sentences explaining what your book will be about. If you are not able to express the main idea in one-two sentences, it means that readers will not understand it.

The whole process of writing a book requires that you understand the concept of your novel, short story or essay. So, if you cannot explain it in a short phrase, you are not ready to start writing.

When you know clearly what your book is about you will be able to express it accessible to all readers.

Writing a Summary

Now that you can explain what you are going to tell about in your book, it is high time to write a synopsis1, covering the principal elements of the plot. This summary should expand the story and give insights into the characters.

As a rule, a synopsis is not too long. If your novel is not going to be very complex, it will be enough to write about three-five pages.

Outlining the Story

To say the truth, many famous writers omit outlining because they believe that it smother the creativity of the author. But we think it is essential for beginners.

Try to work out your book's structure and it will give you the possibility to work much quicker. You will hardly ever stumble on so called writer's block.

Writing the Book

Now forget about everything except your book and start writing it. Of course, it will be the longest and most labor-intensive stage. But if you have prepared for it properly, you will be able to manage it.

Write your book scene by scene being guided by your outline. Plan how many pages you should write during a week but be realistic.

Don't try to edit your story as you write. You will do it later, but now just write as fast as you can.

When some parts of your novel are ready, put them out of reach for some time. Try not to think about them and keep writing.

Revising the Manuscript

Some wise writer once said that the best novels are not written – they are revised. Now you have to take your manuscript and reshape it into a book that will capture reader. Yes, it is not easy and you are to show your real talent.

It is a very rewarding process. You take a rough writing and start polishing it until it shines like a diamond. If you try hard, you will be proud of your work, so do not be lazy.

What Is Next?

Now that you book is ready you have to decide what to do with it. If you have not written it to order, most likely, you will want to publish it. But we will discuss the most common problems of publishing a book in some other article.

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