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How to Be a Gentleman

Who says that chivalry1 is dead? The only man who can prevent you from being a true gentleman is you. In our modern age there are numbers of courteous actions you can take. And there are even more inappropriate things you should avoid. We will give you some tips on how to act like a gentleman so that you will be able to produce a pleasant impression on the girl you like, your friends and relatives.

Personal Grooming

"Cleanliness is next to godliness". Always keep in mind these words of John Wesley, English preacher and founder of the Methodist Church2. You must practice good hygiene. Have a bathe regularly. Get haircuts as soon as your hair requires them. Groom yourself, but do not use too much cologne, deodorant and hair gel.

You do not have to look like a male photo model, but your clothes should fit you well and be of good quality. A gentleman regards unthinkable to wear ripped, stained or scuffed things.

Politeness in Word and Deed

If you are going to act like a real gentleman, you should be courteous to everyone. Be polite not only in words but also in practice. Develop a habit to help people in everyday life.

Never use bad language and do not discuss vulgar matters.

Do not drink heavily, belch or fart in public.

Participation in Conversations

Do not try to impress others with big words if you do not understand their meanings. You should better keep silence in the conversation if you do not know much about its subject. If someone asks you to express your opinion of it, say something neutral.

Never raise your voice in public. Do not laugh and speak loudly. Try to speak about others but not about yourself.

Try to follow what is going on in politics, culture, and sports in order to be able to discuss the latest news.

You should better avoid religious and political discussions. At least, try to be neutral if you do not want to offense people or make them uncomfortable. This applies to all matters that may be unpleasant to others.

Courtesy towards Ladies

Treat girls and women with special respect but do not be obsequious to them.

Do not stare at ladies in a lewd manner and never talk down to them.

Do not discuss with a girl how you like other girls. Remember that most of them are not into billiard, football, computer games, fishing, hunting, etc. You should better talk to them about books, music, fashion (if you know anything about it), theater, and cinema.

Though many modern women might not like your attempts to open doors for them, most of them do appreciate basic politeness.

Treating Your Girlfriend

You should do nice things for her all the time you spend together. Forget about selfishness. Watch her favorite movie with her and be patient even if you hate it. You may be sure, she will appreciate it.

Present her with flowers, funny cards, chocolate, etc. Your presents should not be necessarily expensive. Your efforts matter more than the price.

Do not think she knows that you love her and there is no need to remind her about it. She needs to hear it as often as possible.

A true gentleman will always stand up for his girlfriend. Avoid fighting but do not let anyone to bother her.

Dealing with Offenders

Remember that you are learning to act like a gentleman who has nothing to do with members of street gangs. You should not solve problems by fighting even if you are a professional boxer. But if there is no other way out, be able to defend yourself.

When your opponent falls down, it is time for you to stop. You may offer him your hand but be ready for any emergency.

Additional Tips on How to Be a Gentleman

Now that you know how to be a gentleman, all you have to do is follow our pieces of advice.
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