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How to Get Married in Skyrim

Many RPGs allow players to enter into a marriage. The fifth part of The Elder Scrolls, named Skyrim1, gives them such an opportunity too. The process of getting married in Skyrim is not very complicated, but you will have to perform some tasks before you and your partner can become husband and wife.

You should know that you can choose any person in the game regardless of gender, age, race, or some other characteristics. And it does not matter how you are going to win his/her favor. When the decision is made, you will have to do follow several obligatory steps.

First of all, make a trip to the Temple of Mara, which is located in Riften. You can find it on the map when you arrive at the town. Go inside the temple and find the priest Maramal. If he is not there, walk around Riften, because he may be in the streets.

Talk to him about your wedding and buy the Amulet of Mara from him. It costs 200 gold. There are some other ways of getting the amulet (at Reachcliff, in one of the tents of the beach North of Dawnstar, during the quest in Bleak Falls Barrow, at random loot, etc), but buying it is the easiest way.

After getting the amulet you should put it on and continue talking to the priest. In twenty four hours you will meet your future spouse at the altar. Then you will have to go through the regular ceremony. If on this stage you refuse to get married, the frustrated fiancée or groom will become your enemy and you will never be able to make up to her/him.

If you enter into a marriage successfully, you will get an enchanted ring and will have to discuss with your new wife or husband your future life. If you've got your own house, you can leave his/her there.

Marriage in Skyrim gives you one hundred golden coins per day. What is more, your spouse cooks you homemade meals that give you health and stamina. Sleeping together creates so called "lover's comfort buff", increasing the speed of upgrades. There are also other benefits which you can find out yourselves.

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