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How to Have a Baby

Conceiving a baby can be really frustrating for many women who are desirous of having a child but are not able to get pregnant. Here are several pieces of advice. Follow them and most probably you will conceive soon. At least, these steps increase the probability of becoming pregnant.

Some of them may seem obvious to you but we enumerate all of them just in case.


Of course, you should discontinue using any contraceptives. Take into account that some of them can make it difficult for you to get pregnant for several weeks or even months after you stop taking them.

Implanted contraceptives, like an IUD1, should be removed by a doctor, so visit him if you use one of such things.

Some barrier methods of birth control allow getting pregnant right after they are discontinued, but there is a risk to get infections during the first days.

Physical Health

It will be easier to become pregnant if you healthy. If you have any problems with you physical wellbeing, try to solve them in advance. High blood pressure, diabetes, viral or bacterial infections, extra body weight, mental health problems, and many other health concerns reduce possibility of conceiving.

What is more, some health troubles can be worsened by your pregnancy. It means that you should visit a doctor in order to make certain that you do not have any illnesses.

Some women are unable to become pregnant (in postmenopausal2 period, after certain surgeries, etc).

Menstrual Cycle

If you are going to conceive in the natural way, you should have unprotected sex with your partner in order to introduce sperm into your vagina. The egg and sperm will meet, follow down your Fallopian tubes3 and implant in you uterus.

But first you should track the menstrual cycle.

Take a calendar and make notes when your period begins and ends. You are fertile for just several days during your cycle. If you know how to them by symptom tracking or with the help of special tests, it will help you to conceive.

Menstrual Cycle

Having Sex

Here are several tips about how to have sex if you want to get pregnant.


You must try to eat products that will help you to get pregnant and avoid foods that reduce your fertility. Do not drink alcohol, excessive caffeine, drugs and cigarettes. Avoid pesticides, trans-fat, raw fish, sprouts, unpasteurized cheese and stale products in general.

Some foods are said to increase your ability to conceive. So, if you want to have a baby, you should eat them. Eat much grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables. They provide vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Get protein from chicken, tofu, eggs, and seafood.

Try to persuade your partner to revise his diet too. He should eat products promoting sperm health. These are foods containing vitamins C and E, selenium, vegetables, and fruits. Of course, he should avoid excessive fat, caffeine, alcohol and fat too.


If nothing helps, you should visit a doctor, but we hope that you will be able to get pregnant without his help.
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