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How to Write a Resume

If you are going to apply for a job in an organization you have to write a resume1 and send it to the personnel department. Well-written curriculum vitae should show you in all your charm. It will increase you chance to be invited to a job interview.

Let us find out how to write a resume that will help you to get a desired job.

Length of a Resume

Your resume should not be too long. A potential employer can be too busy to read the full story of your life. Do not make a resume longer than a couple of pages.

Generic or Tailored Resume?

If fact, you'd better change the resume every time when you apply for a new job. Of course, it requires more time but tailored resumes will give you possibility to list the proper experiences and skills.

Structure of a Resume

The structure of a resume depends on a person's education, training and word experience. As a rule, information in resumes is set out in reverse order. First you list the most recent occupation, then the previous one and so on.

You resume should consists of some essential parts.

Every resume is unique, so it is up to you what to include in your CV.

Layout of a Resume

There are some common rules for formatting a resume.

Final Steps

When your CV is written check it for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, make sure that it is looks good and is easy for reading. If you are going to print it, use plain white paper.

If you find it too difficult to write the curriculum vitae yourself, use sample resumes which can be found in the Internet.

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