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How Many Meters in a Mile

If you live in a country with the English measurement system, you are used to reckon distances in miles1, yards, feet and inches. Converting them to kilometers, meters2, centimeters and millimeters, which are units of the metric system, can be rather difficult. Very often you may even need a calculator to make no mistakes.

For example, it is known that one mile is equal to about 1,609.344 meters. If you need to find out how many meters there are in one, ten or one hundred miles, you can easily make the necessary calculations. But not everyone is able to convert 11.5 of 36.4 miles to meters in his/her head.

But for starters, you should know some facts about miles in order not to get confused.

Different Types of the Mile

Now we are discussing land miles, which are also called statue miles. This mile consists of 5280 feet and it is different from the so-called nautical mile (about 6076 feet).

Moreover, in various countries there are their own definitions of the mile or some similar units, interpreted as miles. Some of them are obsolete, but others are still in use. Here are several examples:

There are also national variants of the mile in Dane (the Danish mil), Germany (the meile), Sweden and Norway (mils), Portugal (the milha), Croatia (the hrvatska milya), and other countries.

But for us it is important to realize that we talk about the statue (land) mile, which equals to 1760 yards, or approximately 1609 meters.

How to Convert Meters to Miles and Vice Versa

To calculate how many meters there are in several miles, you must multiply the number of miles by 1609.344. If you don’t need the exact result, just multiply by 1609.

To know how many miles there are in a number of meters, divide the meters by 1609.344. Of course, you will need a calculator to do it even if you divide by 1609.

The table below can be used for converting statue miles, nautical miles and kilometers to other units of length.

One kilometer
One land mile
One nautical mile
Land Miles

  1. The mile is a widely spread unit of length with various definitions. The statue (land) mile is equal to 1760 yards (1609.344 meters). The nautical mile equals to about 2025.4 yards (1852 meters).
  2. The meter (British spelling: metre; abbr. m) is the basic length unit from the ISU (International System of Units). It consists of one hundred centimeters. In 1983, the meter was defined as the distance that light travels in vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of one second.
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