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How to Delete Facebook

People decide to delete their Facebook1 accounts for different reasons. Some realize that they waste too much time in social networks. Others just do not want to maintain relations with numerous virtual friends. If you are tired of Facebook and want to get rid of it, there is a simple way to cancel the account. We will explain you how to suspend it temporarily and how to delete it permanently.

Suspending Facebook Account

Suspending your account means deactivating it until the next signing in. It does not delete it for good. Other Facebook users will not be able to look over your personal profile but it will be saved in case you are going to come back.

If you want to deactivate the Facebook account, you have to sign in, go to the menu, and choose ACCOUNT/ACCOUNT SETTINGS. Then scroll the page to the bottom and click DEACTIVATE. You will be asked whether you really want to do it.

Facebook PrintScreen 1

Facebook may try to convince you not to leave the network by telling that your friends will miss you and even showing their photos. Do not pay attention to it. You may also be asked several questions before you are able to click the deactivation button.

Deleting Facebook Account

The process of deleting your account is a bit more complicated. You should log in and got to ACCOUNT SETTINGS. Then click EDIT near LINKED ACCOUTS. You should better remove all of them because if within a couple of weeks of deleting you will log in to one of your linked accounts, you will be logged in to this account automatically, and it will be reactivated.

Then go to PRIVACY SETTINGS and open the menu with your websites, apps, and games. Delete them by clicking REMOVE.

Facebook PrintScreen 2

Now you can follow to the help center and begin the deletion of the Facebook account. Find the page "Delete My Account" and click SUBMIT. Confirm your decision, and you are almost free. Do not forget that you should not log in to your account during two weeks, because this will stop the process of its deletion, and you will have to start it from the very beginning.

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