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How to Fix a Zipper

Zippers were invented about one hundred years ago, and they have not changed very much since that time. And still, though being convenient and easy-to-use, zippers give us a lot of trouble. They often got stuck, separated, etc.

Luckily, if a zipper does not work, it does not always mean that it is really broken. In most cases, one can repair an out-of-run zipper, and we will explain you how to solve the most common problems.

Your Zipper Is Stuck

If a zipper is just stuck, you should make the following steps to fix it.

Zipper Is Stuck

Your Zipper's Teeth Do Not Close

It is a widespread problem which can come from different reasons. Do the following.

Zipper's Teeth Do Not Close

Your Zipper Does Not Stay Up

If the zipper won't stay up you can find yourself in an awkward situation. In fact, this problem cannot be fixed permanently so we recommend replacing the zipper. If you need to do something with it right now, take a key ring and adjust it to your zipper's pull. Then zip up and hang the ring on the pant's button.

Your Zipper Misses Teeth

Zippers lose teeth very often. If the missing ones are close to the lower end and you do not need to fully open the zipper, you can use this method.

Zipper Does Not Stay Up

The Slider Has Broken Off

You will have to replace the slider if it comes off. It is not difficult so you can do it yourself.

Slider Has Broken

The Pull Has Broken Off

It is hard to use a zipper without a pull. At the same time, it is very easy to solve the problem. All you have to do it to turn a key ring, a wire connector, or a paperclip into the pull. It may look stylish if you find a nice thing for the new zipper pull.

Pull Has Broken Off

Fixing Separated Zippers

Now we will explain how to fix a zipper if it separates.

That's it then.

How to Replace a Zipper

If you are not able to fix a zipper, you have to replace it. You might think this is a difficult task, but it is not.

As a rule, zippers are sold with instructions. They will help you to replace the zipper.

Now you know how to fix a zipper and can do without a tailor.

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