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How to Kiss a Girl

In general, kissing can be described as pressing your lips against someone's lips, other parts of body or even an object. Its meaning varies widely in different cultures and situations. Nowadays kisses are common all over the world, but many cultures did not know them before European settlement. Even now in some countries kissing in public is a criminal offence.

Kisses can express love, respect, friendship, greeting, etc. They can also be parts of ceremonies or rituals. But if you are interested in how to kiss a girl, it means that you want to know everything about sexual kisses, so we will not explain you how to kiss a sword when you are being knighted or how to kiss the Pope's hand.

We will give you some tips on kissing a girl. But first, make sure that you are ready for it. Your breath should be fresh. Trim your nails. Do not forget to shave. You do not have to look like a fashion model but try to be neat.

Now let's move on to specific tips.

Girls like romantic guys.

Almost all girls are very romantic. If you want her to remember your first kissing make it a special event.

Of course, you should buy flowers. Get them even if you do not have money.

Let her know that she dates with a real gentleman. Open the doors for her. Pull out the chairs. Let her pass the doors first, etc.

Don't be shy to tell her that she is beautiful. She will appreciate even obvious flattery, because girls just love compliments.

Choose an appropriate environment.

You should set the special mood for the first kiss. Forget about public places full of strangers and crowded parties where your friends will stare at you or joke about your feelings.

Try to find a place where she can be at ease with you. Walk her home. Speak to her in private. Invite her round for a cup of coffee in a lonely cafe.


We know, it is easier said than done but do you best. You should not look nervous, frightened, anxious or too excited.

Do not rush things.

Even if you are sure that she likes to go out with you and loves your company, it doesn't mean she is ready to kiss you. In fact, she may think that you are no more than friends. So try to understand if she wants you to kiss her. But do not ask her about it openly and never ask for permission.

Touch her.

We do not mean that you should start feeling her up, but you should break down the touch barrier. Try to hold her hand gently. If you see that she feels uncomfortable, don't put pressure on her. It may be a sign that the girl is not ready to kiss you.

Move forward.

When you feel that you can kiss her, lean forward to her, tilting your head to a side, close your eyes and kiss her lips gently. Then pull back, make sure that she enjoys it and kiss her more.

Here is a great trick! Start whispering some pleasant stuff into ear. Your lips will be close to her face. When she turns to you, kiss her!

What next?

Your first kiss should be mild. Do not hasten to give her a French kiss1. It can frighten her off. If you are going to try it anyway, slightly touch her lips with your tongue's tip. If she opens the lips, then caress them and her tongue with your one.

Do not try to push it deep into your girl's mouth. She can be choked with it.

Remember that the first kissing is not the right time for demonstrating how passionate you can be. If the girl is kissing you, it does not necessarily mean that she is ready to go to bed with you. Just enjoy the situation and do not push her to do what she does not want to.

How to finish your kiss

Now that you know how to kiss a gild you should learn to finish it off correctly.

If you started kissing, it is you who should end it. Pull away from the girl tenderly and look at her face, establishing the eye contact.

Never thank her for the kisses. It will make her think that you have used her. She must be sure that you not only enjoyed kissing with her but also care for her. Do your best to ensure her that it was very special for you. Do not leave her alone right after your first kissing.

We hope this article will be helpful for you.
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