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How to Know if a Guy Likes You

You are crazy about a guy but you are not sure if he feels the same towards you. There some ways of finding it out. We will teach you how to know if a guy likes you or not.

Body Language

Pay attention to the lad's body language1. It can give you obvious hints if he fancies you. What is interesting, experts have proved that guys show much less body language signs than girls when they are interested in someone. So you will see through him easily. All you have to do is notice the following tells:

These are just a few hints but they are enough to understand if a guy likes you.

Eye Contact

Every person stuck on someone tries to catch his sweetheart's eye. A shy guy will turn away from you if he understands that you have noticed his gaze. You can play a simple trick on him. Look at his eyes for three-four seconds and avert your face. A bit later look at him again. If he is still peering at you, it means he is interested in you.


If he is constantly trying to touch you in some way, he certainly likes you. He can touch your arm while talking to you or even hug you when greeting you. It is one of the most important signs. Observe how he behaves when you touch him. But make sure that he does not do it will all the girls around.

His Friends

As a rule, the guy's friends know if he likes a girl, and you should notice how they treat him when you are with them. They can tease him in some way, smile for no reason at all, look like they know a secret, etc.

Some More Tell-Tale Signs

There are some other signs that will let you know if a guy likes you:

From now on you will always be able to know if a guy likes you. Do not use these hints with malicious intent and do not make fun of your admirer even if his feelings are unpleasant to you.
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