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How to Ask a Girl Out

If you are reading this article, most probably, you are going to ask a girl out and the problem is that you are too shy to approach her. We will give you some pieces of advice on how to do it and how to make her accept your offer. Just keep on reading and then follow these tips.

Of course, we all know that asking a girl out can be pretty scary and intimidating for a guy who is not used to making straight moves. Everybody has been there in his youth. What is more, some men deal with this issue even at a mature age. If it is a problem for you, do not worry too much about it. We will teach you how to man up ultimately.

If you are not afraid that the girl can spurn your courting, you can just walk up to her and ask her out right away. But it is not a good idea if she does not know you. She might not like a stranger's attempt to pick her up.

That is why you should not be in a hurry. Play it slow. Let her know that you like her, but do not get hard on the girl asking her out at once.

We have made up a guide consisting of several steps that you should follow to ask a girl out.

Getting Information

What do you know about the girl? Where does she work or study? What cafeteria does she come to for lunch? Who are her friends? Find out some pieces of information about her and it will be easier for you to come closer to her.

If you bump into her now and then, in a week or two it will not be difficult for you to smile to her and ask, "How are you doing?", or something like that. And it will be a great beginning. Since that moment, you will not be intimidated anymore.

It may well be so that you will not need to take the other steps if you will get acquainted with her at once. But we understand that it is pretty difficult to start chatting with a girl when you are so shy. If you cannot ask her out right after you bump her in, then follow to the next step.

Making Acquaintance

Try to find out where the girl hangs out when she has free time. If you know this, you can walk across her occasionally. It is not obligatory to talk to her. You should make her know that you exist. Maybe you will be able to arouse her interest in you. Anyway, it will be good just if she gets used to your presence.

Try to appear with your friends because otherwise you may look like a loser who has to spend time all by himself. Do not stare at her constantly. You have come there to amuse yourself in a good company, so do it.

Of course, this method will not give you possibility to ask the girl out, buy you will let her understand what a nice guy you are. And this is very important because she needs to realize that she can have fun being out with you.

Meeting her Friends

This step is very important because it can help to ask a girl out even when all the others were unsuccessful. Try to get to know her friends. It does not matter if they are girls or boys. If fact, it should make no difference to you if you like them or not. Making the acquaintance with them will give you a possibility to ask the girl out.

It will not be difficult to meet at least one of them. Try to find your mutual friends or similar interests. If you have met a close friend of the girl you want to ask out, you have almost attained the aim. In a couple of days or weeks you will meet her too.

Asking the Girl Out

If you have made these steps properly, you should be able to talk to the girl with ease, which means that you can ask her out. Most probably, she knows that you like her, but she might not be certain about it. Do not wait for her to show initiative. It is you who must take the first step.

Try not to be too straight-out and do not rush things. Just ask her to pleasant places and let her understand who you are.

We hope that our tips will help you to overcome you embarrassment and to ask a girl out.

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