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How to Make Ice Cream

We are going to teach you how to make ice cream in your kitchen without a special machine. Of course, these machines allow making really smooth and creamy ice cream, and they are not very expensive nowadays, but it will be useful for you to know how ice cream can be made without any special devices.

In fact, the process of making ice cream is so simple that it will be an excellent activity for your children. We recommend you to start with a custard-based ice cream recipe. For example, you can easily make vanilla ice cream, using our tips. If you do not like vanilla, replace it with cocoa powder, and you will get chocolate ice cream.

Let's start.

Making Vanilla Ice Cream Mixture

First of all, you should make ice cream mixture. You will need the following ingredients:

The process of making the cream consists of several step.

Now you can turn you mixture into vanilla ice cream.

Making Ice Cream

As stated above, we are going to explain you how to make ice cream without using a machine.

Then put the ice cream into a container or serve it.


Now you know how to make ice cream without any machines.
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