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How to Quit Smoking

Scientists say that smoking kills about five million people each year. If you do not want to become one of its victims soon, you need to give up your bad habit. In fact, deep in their hearts, most smokers know how harmful smoking is, but it can be extremely difficult for them to quit it. They understand that cigarettes increase risk for stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and many other health concerns, but they still continue smoking.

This is because nicotine1 is very addictive and easily accessible and leaving off smoking is really hard.

Fortunately, now there are very many systems, programs and tools for those who want to quit smoking. So, if you have decided that it is high time to give up cigarettes, you can choose the most suitable approach.

How Smoking Damages Your Health

First of all, you should understand how cigarettes hurt you. Print out the following list and put in some visible location.

Harmful Substances in Cigarette

Whenever you are going to light up, look at the list and think of how smoking kills you.

How to Give Up Smoking

The following tips will be useful for you.

Stop Smoking

If you do not know how to quit smoking by yourself, find a doctor who will help you with it.

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