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How to Stop Snoring

Snoring1 is a common illness, affecting about 40% of men and 25% of women. People, suffering from snoring, make snorting and raspy sounds while breathing in their sleep. And this is a big problem not only for those who snore, but also for their relatives and friends. If you have decided to stop snoring, this article will help you to achieve the object.

Why Do I Snore?

It will be easier for you to overcome snoring if you know what can cause it. First of all, people snore for various reasons, and you should find out which one makes you snore. It can be sleeping on the back, old age, problems with throat muscles, blockage of nasal passage, alcohol, pregnancy, smoking, sedatives, substantial meals, excess weight, etc. At worst, snoring can be a symptom of some disease.

How Is Snoring Sound Created?

As a rule, snoring people have much nasal or throat tissue. The airway becomes narrow, which prevents smooth breathing, and the tissue starts vibrating. This creates snoring sound. Sometimes the reason of difficulties with breathing lies in your tongue's position or sleep posture. Anyway, in most cases one can get rid of snoring.

How Snoring Occurs

Tips on How to Stop Snoring

Try the following tips if you are tired of snoring.

1. Avoid Tranquilizers2 and Alcohol

Tranquilizers and alcohol depress the central nervous system. Muscles of jaw and throat relax and snoring becomes more probable. More than that, they can lead to sleep apnea, especially if taken together. Do not use alcohol or sleeping pills for helping yourself to fall asleep without consulting your doctor. It can be very dangerous.

2. Try to Sleep on a Side

Sleeping on your back increases possibility of snoring because such a position loosens throat muscles and blocks the airway. You can prevent sleeping on your back with the help of a small rubber ball (like those used in tennis). Put it into a sock and pin it to the back of the undershirt. While asleep you will feel uncomfortable every time when you lie on your back.

3. Get Cured of Your Allergies

A chronic respiratory allergy can be a reason of snoring because it makes people breathe through mouths. Before you go to bed, take an antihistamine3 (first consult a doctor) and clear your nose by a saline spray.

4. Lose Excess Weight

Excess fat around your neck pressures the airway and make it partly collapse. Very often it causes snoring. If you lose a bit of that tissue, it can help to get rid of the problem.

5. Keep off Substantial Meals

Never eat rich before going to bed. Your full stomach will push against the diaphragm4. It will be difficult for you to breathe and you can start snoring.

6. Give up Smoking

This harmful habit damages your respiratory system, irritating throat and nose membranes. It blocks the airway and makes you snore.

7. Try a Mouth Guard

There are special antisnoring devices, called mouth guards that hold teeth together preventing relaxation of jaw muscles which, as you already know, can be the reason of snoring.

8. Elevate the Head

If you raise your head slightly, it will help to decrease the pressure on the airway, and you will breathe easier. You should elevate the upper part of your body and not only the head. It can be achieved with pillows.

9. Keep Air Moist

Dry air irritates throat and nose membranes5. Keep it moist with the help of a humidifier.

10. Pregnancy and Snoring

If you start snoring being pregnant, see you doctor and talk with him about it. It can be caused by your increased weight and relaxation of muscles due to hormonal changes. The problem is that your baby can lack oxygen because of your snoring.

Exercises to Get Rid of Snoring

The following exercises, practiced for half an hour once a day, can help you to reduce or even stop snoring. They will strengthen muscles of your upper respiratory tract.

Doctors say that singing can reduce snoring if the reason lies in weak muscles.

We hope this article will help you to stop snoring.
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