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How to Start a Blog

Blogging is a great way to tell the world about you or just share thoughts with other people? Today, it can be inexpensive or even free (for example, on sites like WordPress or Blogger). This article will explain you how to create your first blog1 and how to avoid beginners' mistakes.

Why You Should Start a Blog

Below you will find several reasons why you should go into blogging even if you are not going to advertise some products or promote business.

Starting a blog can cause great changes in your life… Changes that will make your life and your personality better in many ways.

Why You Should Not Start a Blog

Do you know that thousands of new blogs are abandoned by their owners during the first several months after they have started them? The main reason is that people get frustrated by their experience in blogging. Why? Their blogs do not give them what they have expected from them.

If you do not want to get disappointed in your first blog never start it for money or notoriety. Of course, interesting blogs with a number of readers can be a good profit earner, but if you are new in this business, do not hope to get much income soon. And your blog will not make you famous if you have nothing to suggest the public.

How to Find a Concept for Your Blog

Before you start writing the first post, you should come up with the concept of your blog. You have to give answers to the following two questions.

When you are ready with it, examine your competitors. It will help you to understand if you are able to suggest readers something new and find your own niche.

Then you have to generate a name for your blog and make sure that it is free.

Where to Start a Blog

If you know nothing about hosting2, domain names3, HTML4 or CMS5, you can use services offered by the two most widely known sites in the Internet. They are blogger.com and wordpress.com.

Both of them allow starting blogs for free. The domain name of your blog will be like example.blogspot.com or example.wordpress.com. You can also buy a custom name for a low price.

The process of opening a blog on Blogger (owned by Google) or WordPress is very clear. Just open a site, register your account and follow step-by-step instructions. It will take a couple of minutes to launch a blog from scratch.

It is very convenient for a beginner to start a blog on any of these sites but this method has numerous drawbacks, like everything free. You will not be the rightful owner of you blog. You will not be able to use all plugins. It will be more difficult to earn money. And so on.

Thus, you should better go to a website providing domain registration and hosting services. You will be able to choose a free domain name, buy it and pay for hosting. Then you can choose a CMS (WordPress is good for beginners). As a rule, it can be installed to your blog automatically. It may take a couple of days for your new blog to appear on the web.

After that you can add new posts and start promoting the blog, but it is a topic for some other article.

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