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How Many Cigarettes in a Pack

The word cigarette1 comes from French and means, as you can easily guess, “little cigar”. Cigarettes look like paper cylinders filled with tobacco which is finely cut. They can also have filters. Smoking cigarettes is very addictive, and most physicians share the opinion that it causes cancer. This is why governments of most civilized countries prohibit smoking in public places and make cigarette manufacturers print warning messages on packs.

As a rule, cigarettes are sold in rectangular containers, which are mostly made of paperboard. Inside of packets they are also covered with flavor-protective foil, special plastic of just paper. Cigarette packs are wrapped in airtight transparent film. In order to open a pack, one should tear off the upper part of the film by dragging a special pull-tab. These packets can be hard or soft.

Number of Cigarettes in a Pack

Of course, if you smoke, you know exactly how many cigarettes of your favorite brand are in one pack. And those who do not smoke are not interested in such a question. But the number of cigarettes in a pack can be different, depending on the country and manufacturer.

This table will give you some information about cigarette pack in different countries.

Cigarettes in a Pack
25, though 20, 30, 40, and eve 50 pack are also on offer
20 or 25
United Kingdom
20 or 10, though vending machines can sold pack with 16 or 18 pieces

In fact, in some countries the minimum number of cigarettes in a pack is determined by government. For example, in Australia there must be at least 20 pieces.

Types of Cigarette Packs

As stated above, there are two main types of cigarette packs – hard and soft. Nowadays the first variant is much more popular, because it is rather firm and can guard cigarettes from rumpling when the pack is in a pocket or a bag. What is more, it can be closed again many times after being opened.

Soft packs are less convenient as they are made of thin kinds of paper and cannot be closed later. But they are a bit smaller and do not require smokers to open them every time they need a cigarette. In the USA, soft packs usually contain longer cigarettes than hard ones.
  1. Cigarettes are small cylinders of special paper with finely cut tobacco in them. Smoking people ignited them at one end and inhale smoke from the other one.
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