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How Many Days until Christmas

As a rule, the question about how many days till Christmas1 disturbs children. They come with it to the parents many times during a year, and their impatience increases especially in the end of November and in December. They love this wonderful holiday because of merry celebrations and gifts.

But the answer to the above mentioned question can be different depending on what country they live and the religion they profess. The dates of Christmas may be on the 25th of December, the 6th, 7th and 19th of January. This happens because churches use different calendars: the Gregorian and the Julian.

The table below will give you some information about when Christmas is celebrated in various countries.

Now we will show you a very simple way of calculating how many days are between now and the next Christmas with the help of MS Excel program.

Now you do not have to use calendar if you child asks you how many days are left till Christmas. The computer program will do it for you in a second.
  1. Christmas (originated from the words “Christ’s Mass”) is a popular Christian festival which means the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated annually on the December 25 or January 7 (in Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe).
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