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How to Hard Boil Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are probably the simplest meal. Even a child can cook them. The only problem is that you cannot taste them until they are ready. So you should do everything right in order to get what you want. Our instruction will help you to avoid mistakes.

Step 1

Choose fresh eggs. You can do it by putting eggs into salt water. Eggs that float on surface are not fresh. If does not mean that you should dump them but they will not be tasty as a separate dish.
Do not boil cracked eggs, as they may be infected with bacteria.

Step 2

Place the selected eggs carefully in a pot. You should put them into it one by one. Never make more than three layers in the pot. Then cover the eggs with cold water. If you put cold eggs into hot water, they will crack. When the eggs are on a stove, turn it to medium heat. If you will turn it too hot, the eggs will start jumping and can break.

Step 3

Add some salt to the pot in order to make the eggs peel easier when they are ready. Put the lid on the pot.

Step 4

When the water boils, you should turn off the stove and leave the pot on it. Do not touch the lid. It should be on the pot.
The eggs must stay in hot water for about ten minutes (no more than fifteen).

Step 5

Then cool down the eggs with cold water. This will help to separate shells from them. Wait until the eggs are chilled enough and peel them, starting from their thick ends.

Step 6

Bon appetit!

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