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How to Make Chocolate

Sooner or later, many chocolate lovers get interested in making chocolate. You might think that there is no reason for doing it of your own because you can buy chocolate in every store. We are not going to make you change your mind. There can be different motives for making chocolate and one of them is that it is just a fun and a great experience.

Now, let us start making chocolate.


We will teach you how to make chocolate from scratch, though it will be easier for beginners to use cocoa powder.
So, you will need the following ingredients:

Step-by-step Guide

Now that you have got the necessary products, you can start making chocolate. We will not discuss the process of drying or fermenting beans. If you have a cocoa tree growing in your garden, you can find out how to do it, but most people buy dried and pre-fermented beans.


Voila! Your homemade chocolate is ready. Now you can give some shape to it. Remember that it is a basic recipe and you can also learn how to make chocolate desserts, truffles, cookies, etc.
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