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How to Cook a Turkey

Are you going to roast a turkey but you are not sure that you know how to do it properly? Our step-by-step tutorial will help you to cook a delicious dish. It is a very simple and understandable guide.

Of course, there are different opinions on how to cook a turkey in the best way. Many housewives have their own recipes and they keep them secret. But we have taken a basic approach, which can be considered as a template. You can always add some personal touches to it.

This recipe suits for any turkey, regardless of its size, breed or condition. Maybe you will have to vary the cooking time, but you do not need to change the fundamental technique.

Preparing the Turkey for Roasting

First of all, if the turkey is frozen you have to let it thaw. You can do it by placing the turkey in the fridge but in that case it will take a couple of days to completely thaw it. If you want to do it quicker, place the turkey in cold water and replace the water once in half an hour.

Many people prefer to brine1 the turkey before roasting. This method means immersing your turkey in a special salty solution for some hours or even days. It makes meat moist and seasoned. We are not going to explain here how to brine the turkey but you can take it into consideration.

Step 1

Cooking the Turkey

You will need the following ingredients and equipment:

Step 2

Step-by-Step Instructions

Now that you have everything required, you can start roasting the turkey.

That's it! Invite your guests to the table, enjoy your tasty meal and listen to numerous compliments about your cooking skills!

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